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Town News

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Collierville Principle is Preserve, Adapt: Historic Parr Family Home to be Bed & Breakfast

Parr House optWhile the Collierville area has grown from a population of 37,044 in 2002 to 46,462 some ten years later, the quaint, charming historic Town Square District has been preserved and enhanced by this growth.

Not only is this district thriving with businesses, the vibrancy of the community has been heightened with the announcement of the home of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Parr to be adapted into a Bed & Breakfast.


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREWITH GIVEN THAT the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet in a special called meeting on Friday, October 31, at 3:00 p.m. in the Board Chambers at Town Hall located at 500 Poplar View Parkway. The purpose of the meeting is Review of Ethics Violation Complaint.

Lynn Carmack
Town Clerk

Town of Collierville Monitors Research on Synthetic Turf Fields

A recent report from NBC News has initiated concern around the country concerning the safety of synthetic turf athletic fields. Specifically, the concern is whether one of the ingredients, ground-up rubber car tires (crumb rubber infill) can be the source of illnesses that can include some cancers.

Millions of people play sports on artificial turf fields including National Football League, Major League Baseball, Professional Soccer, College Teams and local organized recreational athletes. Artificial turf emerged onto the sports scene in the 1960's and has become increasingly utilized as an alternative playing surface to natural grass for schools and municipal fields.

In 2011, the Town of Collierville entered into a contract to have two multipurpose fields installed at W.C. Johnson Park that utilize synthetic turf. The fields are used by numerous local sports teams for both practice and games.

The Town of Collierville takes the health and safety of the participants who use any facility or field within the Collierville Parks system very seriously and has been monitoring the scrutiny of the usage of synthetic turf.

Avoid the Election Rush: VOTE Early at ANY Early Voting Location Early voting dates- October, 15-30

vote opt 2

If you are a registered voter, you may vote early, October 15-30, at any early voting satellite location in Shelby County, prior to the November 4 Election Day. The Collierville satellite early voting location is Collierville Church of Christ, 575 Shelton Drive.

On Election Day, November 4, votes can only be cast at your voting precinct. Voters are required to show photo identification when they arrive at the polls.

All satellite sites are open weekdays 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM or Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Shelby County Election Commission has an early voting site locator tool and other useful information at shelbyvote.com.



The Town of Collierville is accepting applications for Town Boards and Commissions for the year 2015. Any citizen of Collierville interested in serving on any of the following advisory boards or commissions is encouraged to submit an application: Arts Council (1 at-large citizen position), Beer Board (7 positions), Construction Board of Appeals (7 positions), Design Review Commission (6 positions), Environmental Commission (7 positions), Heritage Commission (3 positions; 1 student position), Historic District Commission (1 position), Industrial Development Board (5 positions), Library Board (2 positions), Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (8 positions), Pension Committee (1 position), Planning Commission (8 positions), Town Beautiful Commission (up to 15 positions), and Zoning Appeals Board (5 positions).

If you are currently serving on a Board/Commission and your term will be expiring in December, it will still be necessary to complete an application form to ensure that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen has complete information from which to review applications.


Applications can be obtained at Town Hall, 500 Poplar View Parkway, or you can go here and download an application. Please return your application to the Town Clerk at Town Hall. If applications are mailed, please address to: Town Clerk, Town of Collierville, 500 Poplar View Parkway, Collierville, TN 38017.

You will be asked to supply an e-mail address on your application, so that you can be sent a confirmation of receipt of your application. If you do not receive confirmation by e-mail, please call 457-2212 to make sure your application was received.

“Wake Up Collierville” Gives Back to Town Crews

trucks on square opt
Parks and Recreation, Public and General Services work trucks covered the Square Friday morning as crews received breakfast from local businesses.

The sun had not even started shining on Town Square Friday morning, October 17, 2014, as Collierville work trucks were lined up along Main Street. A special group of Town employees were enjoying a free breakfast handed out by members of the Main Street Business Alliance. Around thirty local businesses donated to "Wake Up Collierville" in order to provide an early meal to workers who have very early jobs.

A Special Delivery to Collierville Schools

special delivery opt
Pictured L-R, Gail Tucci, Head of Circulation Collierville Burch Library, Clovis Hodge Jr, Blue Sky Courier, Ann Peterson, Collierville Middle Librarian and Deanna Britton, Director of the Collierville Burch Library.

A historic, special delivery was made October 1, 2014 to Collierville Middle School from the Collierville Burch Library. A box of requested books was delivered by Blue Sky Courier Service to the school's library; the first delivery of many more. The courier service between the Collierville Burch Library and Collierville Schools gives educators the opportunity to request books for a curriculum or educational research that their particular school library may not have available. With a weekly delivery in place, the exchanging of learning materials is vast, efficient, and dependable.

Purposed Reuse of Existing Structures Fits the Collierville Vision

'Vision is a word often used when residents, developers, elected officials and Town of Collierville planning staff discuss the growth, evolution and character of the Town. In the "Collierville 2040" plan on future land use of the community, the 'vision' was aptly stated as "A built environment in the Town of Collierville that will rank us among the nation's best places in terms of quality, character and functionality." This vision is steadily becoming a reality in Collierville as indicated by the recent Parade magazine and Preserve America national designations.

Town’s Economic Development Office Launches New Web Site

access opt

The Town's new Economic Development Director John Duncan has been quite busy the past several months building the foundation for Collierville's economic development programs. This week the Economic Development Office is launching a brand new web site. The new site is located at collierville.com and is a featured item on the main menu bar for easy access.

The new site welcomes viewers with clean graphics and scrolling images of manufacturing, aerial photos of available sites, healthcare and scenic views of Collierville.