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Town News

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Keough Road and Progress Road Will Become a 4-Way STOP

Beginning Monday, April 27, 2015 the intersection of Progress Road and Keough Road will become a 4-way stop. Currently there are STOP signs for the North/South traffic lanes on Progress Rd. and on Monday the Town will make the STOP signs active for the East/West traffic lanes on Keough Rd.

To minimize confusion for motorists, the Town will also install “Stop Sign Ahead” warning signs, as well as dual flags that will be mounted on both the warning signs and the STOP signs.

Collierville Police Offer Tips to Help Prevent Car Burglaries

badge optOn the night of April 22, 2015, the Collierville Police Department responded to several calls where automobiles had been burglarized. Their initial investigation revealed that in just about every incident, the vehicle was left unlocked. These incidents occurred in the neighborhoods close to the areas of Byhalia and Powell Roads.

Although Collierville is one of the safest communities in Tennessee, residents still need to employ common sense approaches to protecting their vehicles and valuables. Following these simple suggestions could mean the difference in you being a victim or not.

Lock ALL the doors on your vehicles!
Even if you plan to be away from your vehicle for only a brief time, lock your doors. Every year, there are items stolen from unlocked vehicles where the owner was only going to be gone “just for a second.” It only takes seconds for a thief to break in to a car, especially if it is unlocked.

Collierville Featured in 'The Municpal' Magazine

municipal feature pg1 opt

'The Municipal,' a magazine specializing in content associated with America's municipalities, recently featured Collierville for a city profile. Based out of Milford, Indiana, an editor from the magazine contacted the Town's Public Information Office earlier this year to research the piece. The feature highlights Collierville as a family friendly, safe, and well-run community. If you haven't read the article, follow the link here: themunicipal.com/2015/04/families-first-collierville-tenn/.

Thank You to the Parks Maintenance Grounds Crews

Parks crews opt
Pictured are the Town's Park Maintenance Grounds Crews. They are responsible for maintaining all Town owned grounds, trails, natural areas, open space, landscaping, trees and parks.

The Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department recently received a thank-you note regarding the continual maintenance of the Collierville Greenbelt trails:

I thought I would take a moment to send a long over-due email regarding your crew on the Collierville greenbelts. As a 17 year Collierville resident, a 10 year Collierville greenbelt runner, and a homeowner who has lived on the greenbelt for the last 4 years, I cannot say enough about the men who keep the greenbelts not only beautiful, but functional to runners, walkers and bikers. I run on the Powell Park Trail, the Wagon Trail and the trail behind CHS, and I live on the Hartwell Greenbelt, and I cannot say enough about how beautifully the greenbelt is kept up in all weather conditions. It is so clear that David and his crew take such pride in their work and it makes me proud to be a Collierville resident. Well done to your employees! Keep up the awesome work!

Best Regards,
Noelle Dunavant

In addition to providing a place to run or walk, the greenbelts were designed to connect neighborhoods, Parks, Schools, and commercial areas by providing alternative transportation options, with 14.50 miles of trails and connectors. To learn more about the Collierville Parks Greenbelts and view a map, visit their website here: colliervilleparks.org/greenways-arboretum.

Town Beautiful Commission April Award Winners

April Home Owners Assocation of the Month Wood Grove opt April Business of the Month McDonalds opt
April Home Owner Association of the Month: Wood Grove. Pictured in the photo (L-R) Jeff Brandon, Member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission, Craig MacDonald, President Wood Grove, Amber Bourgeois, Social Activities Wood Grove, Moses Driver, Vice President Wood Grove, Lance Hepner, Vice-Chairman Collierville Town Beautiful Commission. April Business of the Month: McDonald's, 3675 Houston Levee. Pictured kneeling, Karey Pickett, Store Manager, front row (L-R) Terrence Ball, Area Supervisor, Kimberly Mosley, Assistant Manager, Latoya Thomas, Assistant Manager, Jarrett Carter, Carter Landscaping, Ann Turner, Member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission, second row (L-R) Lance Hepner, Vice-Chairman Collierville Town Beautiful Commission and Jeff Brandon, Member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission.

Collierville Public Services Encourages Grass Cycling

grasscycling opt
Grasscycling reduces waste and improves the environment.

Collierville Public Services wants to share with residents a simple and effective way to help conserve landfill capacity, while saving time, work, and money. Grass-cycling is the natural recycling of grass clippings and is done by using a lawn mowers mulching blade and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn when mowing. In addition to the benefit of a greener, healthier lawn, grass-cycling also saves taxpayer dollars with less sanitation disposal.

Bagged grass accounts for approximately twenty-two percent of the solid waste material collected and disposed of at the landfill each year. If each resident in the Town of Collierville chose to grass-cycle rather than bag grass, the Town would save approximately $82,000 in disposal fees and $185,000 in collection costs. This total savings would amount to approximately $267,000 annually by eliminating the collection and disposal of bagged grass (at $0.85 per bag) each year through grass-cycling.

FAQ's Regarding the Building of a New Collierville High School

Collierville Schools Square Logo optCollierville Schools recently provided the Town with the following updated information about the proposed new high school. The information is in response to questions from the general public and from questions submitted at a Collierville Schools Community Meeting on March 31, 2015, at the Harrell Theatre.

1. What exactly did the Collierville Schools Board of Education approve at the January 27, 2015 Business meeting?
A. Five Year Capital Improvement Plan
B. Recommendations of a Feasibility Study of the current High School Campus
C. Initiation of the Rezoning Process for Middle Schools