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Collierville Police Department Asks Again for Drivers to Yield at Crosswalks

crosswalk sign optIn March of this year, the Town of Collierville posted an instructional video about crosswalks and how to use them on their website and Facebook page. The Facebook post got 13,000 views, 129 likes, and 63 shares.

So what happened?

Assistant Chief Jeff Abeln says that traffic at crosswalks is back to where it was when the idea – and reason – for that video came about in the first place.

“The Town has gone to great lengths to provide crosswalks that are safe and convenient for everyone,” said Abeln. “The pedestrians are using them, but drivers aren’t yielding for anyone.”

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Collierville Firearms Unit Teaches Citizens about Self-Protection

swat presentation optTraining has always been a passion for Lieutenant Wesley Green of the Collierville Police Department. For the past five years, Lieutenant Green has led the Collierville Firearms Unit training, which includes an officer’s procedures during an active shooter scenario. The goal of this particular police training is to protect citizens and fellow officers in the event of a live, active shooter situation.

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Unsung Hero Honored at Collierville Library

Nathaniel optCalled a go-getter, security guard, and a gentleman, Nathaniel Westbrook (pictured) recently gained well-deserved attention from Collierville Library patrons and staff. Part of the General Services’ custodial crew, Nathaniel has been working exclusively at the Library for the past two years. Library staff quickly realized that Nathaniel performed his job very well, and frequently exceed everyone’s expectations. This included Library patrons who left comments on a recent survey about the Collierville Library being the “cleanest, best-maintained library in Shelby County.”

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Collierville’s Employee Recruiter Reaches Far and Wide to get right talent for the Town

recruit collierville optHave you ever considered working for the Town of Collierville?

Collierville is located just minutes from Memphis’s best attractions, but the Town has its own attractions as well. The Historic Town Square has great restaurants, shopping and family-friendly events. Collierville is also known for its excellent school system, numerous parks and safe atmosphere.

Brynna Martin is a recruiter in the Human Resources office at Collierville’s Town Hall. It’s her job to find the very best talent in all the fields that are required to run a town, and her job is made easier by what she has to offer.

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Collierville Fire Department: Wolf River Rescue Incident Reminds Boaters to Know Terrain and Be Safe

collierville fire wolf river water rescue training optThe Collierville Fire Department (CFD)’s Search and Rescue team train constantly for every sort of situation imaginable. They would just as soon not see any Collierville resident in the sort of accident that would stretch their rescue muscles to new lengths, but sometimes it happens. (Pictured: routine CFD search and rescue training in the Wolf River.)

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Collierville Police Department Urges Residents to Use Program for the Homebound

scvp at fair on square 2017 optThe Collierville Police Department (CPD) shut-in visitation program is a wonderful resource for the community. If a resident has family members or friends who are homebound due to illness or age, the CPD’s Special Citizen Volunteer Patrol will make regular visits to check on the welfare of a homebound person who lives alone. These visits may serve to complement the family’s visits, or they may be the only contact these residents have (besides medical staff) with the outside world. So yes, this is a wonderful resource. The problem is that not enough people are using it.

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Building Character through Play with Collierville Athletics

flag football collierville at sunset optConduct an Internet search for “youth sport specialization” and you will find numerous articles regarding the hot topic. Sport specialization is defined as intense training in one sport while excluding others. Specializing among younger athletes has become increasingly common and created a debate about the pros and cons of youth sport specialization. On the contrary, children who grow up playing multiple sports also have proven benefits including developing athletic ability, cognitive thinking and self-confidence.

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2017 Collierville City-Level Fire Prevention Poster Contest Results

Kandace 4th Jennifer Scharf Bryant 1st Dai TOES 17 optThe Collierville Fire Department is proud to congratulate the 2017 Fire Prevention Poster Contest winners for the Town of Collierville. Exceptional posters reflecting this year’s theme "Every Second Counts; Plan 2 Ways Out" were submitted by several participating Collierville Schools and homeschool programs; however, only one winning poster from each grade level (K-12) may be sent to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for the state-level contest. (Pictured: Tara Oaks Assistant Principal Jennifer Scharf with Kandace Dai, 4th Grade and Bryant Dai, 1st Grade.)

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Fall Home Beautiful Contest

2016 collierville fall home beautiful winner optDo you enjoy decorating your home during the fall season? Now is your chance to show off your work! The Town Beautiful Commission is recognizing homes adorned in fall décor that enhance the beauty of the Town of Collierville. (Pictured is the 2016 Fall Home Beautiful Winner.)

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