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Town News

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Town Adds Updated Information about the Future of Collierville Schools to Website

interviewThe Town of Collierville recently added more information to its website (www.collierville.com) concerning the future of Collierville Schools. Visitors to the site will find an executive summary from Collierville Schools which discusses student population growth and plans for facilities including the existing Collierville High School. Citizens can find this information under the EDUCATION tab on the home page or click here.

Additionally, the Town posted a videotaped interview with Collierville Schools Superintendent John Aitken discussing questions about issues such as capacity at Collierville High School and the middle schools, why a new high school is being considered, the site selection process and potential costs.

The Town’s Public Information Department will be using social media to link people to the site and feature individual video segments of Superintendent Aitken’s interview.


The March 5, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting was cancelled. It has been rescheduled for March 9, 2015 at 5pm at Town Hall. 

Town Managed Library Seen as Positive for the Community

grow library optSince 2004, the Collierville Burch Library has been operated and staffed by a service provider, Library Systems and Services LLC (LSSI) of Germantown, Maryland. In an effort to maximize tax dollars invested in the Library and improve the overall customer experience, the Town of Collierville will assume the responsibility of managing the Library effective July 1, 2015.

The Town fully expects this transition to be seamless and patrons of the Library should experience the same level of service they have become accustomed to receiving. The Town intends to retain the fulltime services of the Library’s current Director, Deanna Britton, and all staff will remain in place.

One of the goals of this transition is the expansion of the Library’s resources to include better access to books and materials that directly reflect the needs and requests of this community. The Collierville Library is encouraging patrons to let them know about any book or research materials that they want to see in their Library.

Special Notice To Collierville Residents

In the coming days you may receive a letter from HomeServeUSA. This company provides water line, sewer line and in home plumbing insurance programs to homeowners.

We are providing this notice because we are aware of situations in other communities where marketing efforts from home plumbing insurance companies caused confusion. Specifically, residents questioned the relationship between the local municipality and the company offering the plumbing insurance.

It is important for you to know that HomeServe USA is a privately owned and operated company with offices outside of Tennessee. HomeServe USA is not affiliated with the Town of Collierville and the Town does not endorse service line warranty products or services.

Homeowners with questions about the need for supplemental coverage for water and sewer lines on their property are advised to contact their private homeowner’s insurance provider.

Town Of Collierville
Public Information Office

Collierville Engineers Develop Solutions to Address Area Flooding

queen oaks aerial opt
An aerial view of the Queen Oaks Regional Detention Pond located on the corner of White Road and Queen Oaks Street.

In 2009, the Town of Collierville received reports of recurring flood problems spread over two and a half miles of residential neighborhoods from the Wolf River to White Road. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided to authorize a drainage study to determine the root cause of the issue and develop solutions to protect homeowners located in the floodplain.

The study included gathering feedback from residents, who had experienced flooding and drainage issues. Study results indicated that the floodplain could be greatly reduced if the stormwater was controlled by building a detention pond.

Collierville Named Recycler of the Year due to Public Service’s New Recycling Program

Recycler of the year OPT
Pictured at the Tennessee Recycling Coalition Annual Conference from the Collierville Public Services Department are (L-R) Josh Russell, Assistant to the Solid Waste Manager, John Fox, Operations Assistant, and Bill Kilp, Director of the Public Services Department.

In the summer of 2014 the Town of Collierville’s Public Service Department began its new curbside recycle collection program. With the goal of reducing cost, promoting positive customer service and increasing recycling participation, the Town converted from a privately contracted recycle collection operation utilizing 17-gallon recycle bins to a more efficient Town employee operated recycle collection utilizing automated collection trucks and free 96-gallon recycle carts.

Prior to beginning the Town operated recycle collection program, an average of 50 percent of homes were participating in recycling.

Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen Remember Alderman Jimmy Lott

Jimmy Lott Parkway
Pictured is Jimmy Lott’s family from (L-R front row) grandson Austin Lott, son Allen Lott, Allen’s wife Hollee Lott, Alderman Jimmy Lott’s wife Dot Lott, (L-R back row) grandson Christopher Lott, Christopher’s fiancé Samantha Stopher, grandson James Lott and James’s wife Kelly Lott.

At the Feburary 23, 2015 meeting of the Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen, a resolution was approved to rename a portion of US Highway 72 as the “Jimmy Lott Parkway.” With this unanimous decision from the Board, the late Alderman, Jimmy Lott, will be memorialized in honor of his decades of service to the Town of Collierville and to the Collierville community.

Jimmy Lott was first elected to serve on the Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen in 1987 and was the third longest serving Alderman in the history of the Town. Mr. Lott was a devout Christian, friend to all, and a patient and wise leader.

Happy Birthday, Collierville!

145 Anniversary WEB

The re-incorporation of Collierville, TN began in 1870 and was the longest continuous incorporation in Shelby County. The Town's charter was enacted by the 36th General Assembly on February 17, 1870.

Thank you, Main Street Collierville and our residents, for continuing to believe that if a community preserves the integrity of its heritage, that heritage will in turn preserve the integrity of the community.