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Town Strives to Maintain Pristine Parkland with New Ordinance

refuse on greenbelt optIt’s no secret that the Town of Collierville prides itself for beautifully landscaped greenspace throughout Town parks, roadways and greenbelt trails. What may be lesser known is the expanse of parkland and continuous dedication of the Town’s Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division to keep Collierville in pristine shape.

Simply by the numbers, the Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division oversees the upkeep of 750 acres of parkland, including 18 community and neighborhood parks, 18.5 miles of greenbelt trails, and 36 athletic fields. Crews also provide landscaping services for Town facilities, right-of-ways and school grounds. Green infrastructure and continued maintenance remains high on the agenda for the Town to enrich the lives of Collierville residents and visitors.

As the Town works to provide these assets, Collierville residents also have a responsibility to respect the shared, public grounds. On March 27, 2017 the Board of Mayor and Aldermen passed an amendment to a Town Ordinance to address refuse (garbage, leaves, brush, etc.) from residential property being left on public land. Under the amendment, if the Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division disposes of residential debris left on public property, they will place a door-hanger at the nearby residence explaining the new ordinance and as a notice regarding further action. If a homeowner violates the ordinance again, he/she will face a $50 fine for every day the debris is left neglected on the public space.

While the amendment includes all Town premises such as streets, sidewalks, and parks, the most common incidence of the neglect occurs on the greenbelt trails. Leaves and brush are frequently discarded over fences, not only adding to the workload and expense of the Town’s Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division, but creates a negative impact and safety hazard for greenbelt users.

Collierville Public Services Solid Waste Collection Division will collect items such as brush on residents’ regularly scheduled collection date. Public Services asks residents to separate brush from other objects on the curb such as bagged leaves/grass or bulk items like furniture. By separating clean brush from other materials, the Solid Waste Collection Division is able to take the brush to a mulching facility where the material can be ground and beneficially reused as mulch.

yard waste placement opt

(Pictured above: Leaves discarded over a fence onto public property along a greenbelt trail are a nuisance to greenbelt users and an extra expense for the Town. Pictured below: The correct placement of clean brush from bagged or bulk items ensures the material is picked up on collection day. Clean brush is recycled by the Town to improve the environment and save space in local landfills.)

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