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Possible Changes in Store for Collierville Children’s Chorus

childrens chorus optLeesa Wilkinson is on the Collierville Arts Council and has been directing the Collierville Children’s Choir for 4 years. Wilkinson has worked in music for year and has lots of resources from which to choose when it comes to children’s music. But life has intervened over the last year, and her time has become less flexible. Now Wilkinson is looking for an assistant to help manage the children’s chorus, and possibly to groom as the group’s next director.  Fortunately, the chorus doesn’t have a rigid, set in stone schedule.

“We perform on an as-needed basis, and we don’t have any set rehearsal times,” said Wilkinson.

They do rehearse, but those practices are planned on an as-needed basis as well. When Wilkinson gets a request from an organization or event planner for her kids to sing at an event, she needs about 2-3 months to pull the show together: she chooses the music, schedules the rehearsals and makes a CD of the songs for every child involved.

The Collierville’s Children’s Chorus is sponsored by the Collierville Arts Council, so there are no fees involved for any child who wants to sing. Chorus tee shirts are provided, and geographical boundary lines are stretched.

“It’s called the ‘Collierville’ children’s chorus, but we welcome kids from outside of Collierville as well,” said Wilkinson.

The age range for the group is 5-12 years old.

The Children’s Chorus has performed at the Fair on the Square, the Delta Fair, Collierville’s Christmas Homes Tour, Veteran’s Day events, Collierville’s National Day of Prayer ceremony, and community group events. They also perform for various assisted living facilities. Their next performance will be in the fall at a Harrell Theatre 30th Anniversary event. Wilkinson isn’t sure about the venue or the date yet, but since fall is just a few months away, any parent who is interested in getting their child into the chorus should contact her soon. Wilkinson will put your name on the email list that she uses to round up singers whenever she has an upcoming event. Her email address is

Wilkinson said the CAC is considering the possibility of dividing the chorus in two groups in the future in order to offer the older kids the opportunity to perform music that is different from their current selections, which are geared specifically towards children. This will depend upon the number of kids who participate in the chorus, and on whether or not Wilkinson finds an assistant in the near future.

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