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TDOT Discovered Much More during Wolf River Bridge Closure

wolf river bridge work optMany Collierville-Arlington commuters experienced a slight bump in their travels during the week of July 10, 2017. The road was completely shut down at the Wolf River Bridge for extensive repairs. During a previous TDOT inspection, crews discovered that 12 concrete slabs, making up the top portion of the bridge’s structure, were deficient and need to be replaced. However, once TDOT started the repairs, they discovered that even more slabs were in need of repair.

 “Frequently when we perform this work, slabs are located in an area that makes it possible for us to replace them by closing one of the lanes,” said Nichole Lawrence, TDOT Community Relations. “Since many of these slabs were located in the center of the road, we needed to consider closing the road to make the repairs.”

After meeting with both the Town of Collierville and Shelby County, it was collectively decided to initiate a short term closure so that TDOT’s Bridge Repair Division could replace those slabs safely and quickly.

Once TDOT removed some of the concrete slabs, they discovered that other slabs were in a condition that would soon require repair or replacement. TDOT quickly diverted additional crews to the project so they could keep the project on schedule and reopen the road on time. In the 5 day bridge closure, crews replaced a total of 40 out of the 45 concrete slabs that make up the bridge deck.

Other repairs and improvements were made during the closure, including the bridge rail and guardrail. TDOT completed repaving the road the following week of July 17, 2017.

The Wolf River Bridge was constructed in 1959 and is 85 feet long. The bridge’s primary function is to serve as an overflow area for the Wolf River and surrounding land.

“We have started developing a project to replace both the overflow and Wolf River Bridge. This replacement will take some time to plan and design, until that time TDOT will continue to keep both of these structures safe and operational,” commented Lawrence.

Pictured below are before and after views of the Wolf River Bridge.

wolf river bridge before optwolf river bridge after opt

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