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Collierville’s Fleet Maintenance Division Balances Budget with Need for More Space

fleet services inventory shelving optFleet Maintenance is one of the Collierville Public Services Department’s eight divisions. If you walk behind the Public Services building on Keough Road, you’ll see the maintenance shop, a number of Town vehicles waiting to be serviced, and a brand new metal building. The new building houses tires for the larger vehicles – automated garbage trucks and fire trucks.

The new building was necessary because the maintenance shop was suffering from overcrowding; the Town’s fleet increases by approximately 15 vehicles and pieces of equipment each year and that brings more tools and parts needed for repairs into the Fleet Maintenance Facility.

“We store parts that are used most frequently for repairs and services,” said John Fox, who is in charge of Operations in the Public Services Department. “By having these common parts on hand at the facility, the mechanics are able to expedite repairs much more quickly.”

Earlier this year, the department researched options for increasing storage space in the Fleet Maintenance parts room. They made the decision to shift all the tires to other areas, and add shelving to accommodate the huge number of parts and tools required to keep Collierville’s most important vehicles up and running. The shelving (pictured) will keep things organized and at hand in the shop. For inventory report purposes, the department uses RTA Fleet Maintenance Inventory Control Software.

The department’s original idea for increasing space in the shop was to build a mezzanine which would have maximized storage space vertically above the floor stored parts. When that option proved to be too expensive, and complicated with regards to construction codes, they looked into purchasing shelving. At $5,700 for the portable metal building for tire storage, and $5,200 for the shelving and other miscellaneous supplies, the department saved over $150,000 of what they would’ve had to spend to build a mezzanine.

The Fleet Maintenance Division employs 7 mechanics who do approximately 1775 repairs annually. Currently there are 479 vehicles and pieces of equipment in the Town’s fleet.

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