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Collierville Police Department Urges Residents to Use Program for the Homebound

scvp at fair on square 2017 optThe Collierville Police Department (CPD) shut-in visitation program is a wonderful resource for the community. If a resident has family members or friends who are homebound due to illness or age, the CPD’s Special Citizen Volunteer Patrol will make regular visits to check on the welfare of a homebound person who lives alone. These visits may serve to complement the family’s visits, or they may be the only contact these residents have (besides medical staff) with the outside world. So yes, this is a wonderful resource. The problem is that not enough people are using it.

Assistant Chief Jeff Abeln of the CPD says that the department’s current list of “shut-ins” is less than 10 people. He isn’t sure whether this is due to the public not knowing about the program or not knowing how to access it, but he does know that having it in place is something that can provide peace of mind for all involved.

To register a loved one for the visitation program, residents must fill out an application, available in hard copy from the department (156 N Rowlett St.) Besides all the basic information, the application asks for details about physical limitations, pets in the house, desired days and times for visit, and responsible family member concurrence. Eligibility for the program is for any resident of Collierville, 21 years of age or older, who is confined to their home and not being visited by others on a regular basis, and who agrees to be included in the SCVP Shut-In Visitation Program.

“Our volunteers devote a lot of time and effort to this community and this program is one more example of their caring for those in Collierville,” said Assistant Chief Abeln. “I believe that just being there matters more to the people who are shut in, than what we do or say. I hope that our presence communicates that we care; that is the bottom line in visiting someone in need.”

For more information, call the CPD at (901) 457-2562.

(Posted 9.29.17)

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