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2017 Collierville City-Level Fire Prevention Poster Contest Results

Kandace 4th Jennifer Scharf Bryant 1st Dai TOES 17 optThe Collierville Fire Department is proud to congratulate the 2017 Fire Prevention Poster Contest winners for the Town of Collierville. Exceptional posters reflecting this year’s theme "Every Second Counts; Plan 2 Ways Out" were submitted by several participating Collierville Schools and homeschool programs; however, only one winning poster from each grade level (K-12) may be sent to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for the state-level contest. (Pictured: Tara Oaks Assistant Principal Jennifer Scharf with Kandace Dai, 4th Grade and Bryant Dai, 1st Grade.)


City poster winners will be recognized at a reception held in their honor on Saturday, Oct. 7. Winners will receive an engraved medal and a certificate. Their posters will be on display at the Collierville Morton Museum from Oct. 9 through Oct. 21.

Posters from each participating Tennessee community will be judged during December in Nashville, TN; state winners will be notified afterwards and a list of winners and pictures of winning posters will be posted on the State Fire Marshal’s website. Statewide winners will receive a First Place Ribbon, a Certificate of Achievement from the Governor, $50, and One Free Night (for the winner and their family) at a Nashville Hotel (TBD) to attend the National Fire Protection Association Poster Awards Banquet.

The following Collierville students’ posters were selected by fire division personnel to send to the state:

Kindergarten - Staniya Harris - Sycamore Elem.
First Grade - Bryant Dai - Tara Oaks Elem.
Second Grade - Vyomdev Visveswar - Sycamore Elem.
Third Grade - Tess Lloyd - Collierville Elem.
Fourth Grade - Kandace Dai - Tara Oaks Elem.
Fifth Grade - Jordan Lewin - Crosswind Elem.
Sixth Grade - Daksha Mohan - Collierville Middle
Seventh Grade - Emma Lott - Collierville Middle
Eighth Grade - Hannah Francis - Collierville Middle
Ninth Grade - Rachel Yeung - Collierville High
Tenth Grade - Ellis Kim - Collierville High
Eleventh Grade Myrna Trevino Collierville High
Twelfth Grade - Tamara Castany - Collierville High

Posters may soon be viewed at the Collierville Fire Department’s website:

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