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Collierville’s Employee Recruiter Reaches Far and Wide to get right talent for the Town

recruit collierville optHave you ever considered working for the Town of Collierville?

Collierville is located just minutes from Memphis’s best attractions, but the Town has its own attractions as well. The Historic Town Square has great restaurants, shopping and family-friendly events. Collierville is also known for its excellent school system, numerous parks and safe atmosphere.

Brynna Martin is a recruiter in the Human Resources office at Collierville’s Town Hall. It’s her job to find the very best talent in all the fields that are required to run a town, and her job is made easier by what she has to offer.

 “We offer medical, dental and vision insurance; life insurance, long term disability, retirement and supplemental plans,” said Martin.

Another benefit Martin highlights, specifically to people looking for Maintenance Worker or Equipment Operator positions, is that the jobs are stable and keep workers close to home.

“Many times, other companies have similar positions but they are temporary; when the work slows down, they are let go,” said Martin. “Or if they are drivers or equipment operators, their work takes them on the road. For the most part, our positions are 40 hour work weeks with the ability to be home at night. This really appeals to prospective candidates.”

Martin uses all the traditional means of recruiting employees: career fairs at local colleges and universities in the spring and fall, local church career support groups and through contacts at technical schools such as Moore Tech and Tennessee College of Applied Technology. She also posts jobs online to websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and She’s done a career fair in Millington that is geared towards veterans, but also open to anyone else.

Martin’s newest means of finding new employees is through the Town’s “Recruit Collierville” Facebook page. She said they’ve recently done their first hire through the page and she regularly places ads about specific openings.

“Our recent posting about needing a heavy equipment operator got around 8000 views and 26 shares,” said Martin. “That is huge!”

For the truly traditional job seeker, The Town of Collierville keeps a binder of job openings available in the front office of their Human Resources Department, and they also post the jobs on the Town’s website.

While the Facebook page reaches the widest audience, Martin says she continues to do career fairs and other such traditional venues for recruiting just for exposure.

“I want to put the idea of the Town of Collierville as a potential employer into people’s minds,” said Martin. “For some people, being employed by the Town is an opportunity to give back to the community.”

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