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Unsung Hero Honored at Collierville Library

Nathaniel optCalled a go-getter, security guard, and a gentleman, Nathaniel Westbrook (pictured) recently gained well-deserved attention from Collierville Library patrons and staff. Part of the General Services’ custodial crew, Nathaniel has been working exclusively at the Library for the past two years. Library staff quickly realized that Nathaniel performed his job very well, and frequently exceed everyone’s expectations. This included Library patrons who left comments on a recent survey about the Collierville Library being the “cleanest, best-maintained library in Shelby County.”

“That’s a true reflection of what Nathaniel does for us,” said Deanna Britton, Collierville Library Director. “He’s our unsung hero, day after day.”

Library Staff decided to have a surprise “Thank You” party for Nathaniel where they got together to express words of appreciation, give him a gift, and share a thank you cake. Mike Cannon and Jack Badget of General Services were also recognized as well for going above and beyond their maintenance duties at the Library. Deanna presented Jack with a squirrel stuffed animal and told a funny story behind the gift. Jack was called in to the Library on a Saturday because a squirrel had gotten inside the building. With Library patrons present, Jack managed to successfully catch the squirrel without disrupting the patrons, or the books.

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