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Collierville Resident Sees Board and Commission Service as Opportunity

Rachelle Maier optRachelle Maier has been serving on various Collierville boards, councils and commissions for over 5 years. She’s been a member of the Town Beautiful Commission in the past, and is currently serving her 5th year on the Collierville Arts Council, and her 4th year on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Maier (pictured) is a mother, and she feels that Collierville has a lot to offer for families. Her children have been in local theatrical productions, played on Collierville t-ball and basketball teams, and celebrated birthdays in Collierville Parks. Because the Town gives her and her family so much, she feels it’s only right to give back.


“We love the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts department and are so grateful for these resources,” said Maier. “I want to protect these amenities and see how I could help make them even better.”

Besides giving back, Maier said the time spent working on a board or commission is an opportunity for self-education. She’s learned about how the Town chooses projects, and how budgets and planning for those projects happen.

“I have learned from so many different people about the many needs of our Town and how all of these needs are balanced through the Town of Collierville’s 10 year Plan,” said Maier.

In fact, Maier believes the top 2 qualifications for serving on a board or commission are the desire to serve and the willingness to learn from others.

“We need people who are passionate about Collierville,” said Maier. “As long as you have a love for this Town and the heart to give back, then you are qualified.”

To apply to serve on a Collierville Board or Commission, click here for an online application, or apply at Collierville Town Hall at 500 Poplar View Parkway, Collierville, Tennessee 38117.

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