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Collierville Burch Library Staff and Patrons Board the Frisco 1351 for Special Event

orinetexpressgroup1 optWhen the second film version of Agatha Christie’s book Murder on the Orient Express hit theatres a couple of weeks ago, Collierville Burch Library (CBL) staff came up with the idea of doing a book and movie event for regular patrons: gathering to watch the film in the theatre after having a sit down discussion of the book in a most appropriate setting – Collierville’s very own steam locomotive, the Frisco 1351 (pictured).

Reference Associate Linda Brown enjoys planning many events for the library. She and Youth Reference Associate Payton Mink put the Orient Express idea out to members of the Friends of the Library, the CBL’s non-profit fundraising and volunteer support group, and several members of the group jumped “on board” with the idea.

Everyone was excited about the idea of discussing the famous train murder mystery on an actual train, but it wasn’t a done deal yet.

“Only eight people can fit in one room on the train, so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to do it,” said Mink.

She said that Collierville Tourism Director Ashley Carver was a great help in providing them access to the train in the event that their party was the right size.

“We met at the depot,” said Mink, “and when we realized that we were all going to fit on the train, everyone was so excited! It really helped set the mood for the book and added some extra fun ambience.”

The group gathered in a dining car, a central setting in the book, and had refreshments as they discussed what many consider Agatha Christie’s master work. Then they made plans for Part Two of the event, meeting for the movie the next week.

“Being on the train helped make this a special event, rather than just your everyday book club,” said Mink. “We really enjoyed this event and will be keeping an eye out for opportunities to do book/movie tie in events again in the future.”

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