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town of collierville safety committee logoThe Board of Mayor and Aldermen and management have a sincere concern for the welfare and safety of Town employees and the public we serve. We acknowledge our obligation, as an employer, to provide the safest possible working conditions for employees and, as a government services organization, to provide a safe environment for the public.

Most accidents are preventable and no part of the service we render should ever become so important that it will endanger the life of an employee or jeopardize the safety of the general public. It is with this conviction that we are instituting the "Town of Collierville Loss Prevention and Safety Manual" and directing department heads and supervisors to assist in implementing the procedures set forth in this manual, as well as, developing and administering an effective safety program.

To be successful, management and supervisory personnel must provide informed leadership and adequate supervision, job training and safety instructions, secure prompt medical care if an injury occurs, and safeguard the physical and mental welfare of employees. All employees are charged with the responsibility of cooperating with, and supporting safety program activities.


The purpose of establishing a defined Loss Prevention and Safety Manual is to prevent and/or substantially decrease all types of occupational accidents and illnesses. It is the goal of the Town of Collierville and its employees to increase productivity by securing a work environment free of safety hazards. This will reduce losses incurred by the Town and its taxpayers.

The occupational safe work practices outlined in this document are applicable to all employees of the Town of Collierville. Every job is designed to serve the public, and, in the performance of this service, the safety of all employees and the public is paramount. Employees are expected to familiarize themselves with, and abide by, job procedures and safety guidelines specific to their respective departments.


It is the policy of the Town of Collierville to administer its programs so that employees work under safe and healthy conditions, seek out and correct unsafe conditions, eliminate unsafe acts, and make accident prevention their primary responsibility.

Therefore, incident prevention is not separate from, nor is it in addition to, normal job procedures. It is the combination of safe work procedures, safe conditions and equipment, and a total commitment to safety that is an integral part of the Town operations.  H

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