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Town Builds New Square Restroom Facilities

restrooms on square optAccording to the 2000 US Census, the Town of Collierville was home to around 31,872 residents – much different than the estimated 50,000 residents today. Facilities built in the late nineties, like the Town Square public restrooms, simply cannot efficiently accommodate the Town’s growing population.

Starting on March 10, 2017, the twenty-year-old Town Square restrooms will be out of service until the new facilities are built. During the demolition process, parts of the existing restrooms, including exterior lighting, ceiling fans, etc., will be repurposed in other park facilities. While the construction project will be an inconvenience to Square visitors, the end result will provide improved functionality for restroom services and better utilization of the overall space.

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Small Citizen Makes Big Discovery

john bryan certificate optJohn Bryan Hofstetter was outside exploring with his grandmother near the ditch that runs next to his home in Harper’s Ferry, when the five-year-old noticed something unusual.

“Nunu (grandmother) and me were in the creek and saw water bubbling up, so I told everybody,” said John Bryan.

“Everybody” included Collierville Public Services, after a family member reported the sighting. The Public Utilities Division followed up with a visit to discover the start of a serious water leak.

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Storm Season in Dixie Alley

Alert Cville logo optCollierville Fire Department Urges Residents to Be Prepared

In 1955 a tornado destroyed the original two-story gazebo in the heart of Collierville’s Town Square. If a tornado does happen to hit Collierville again, the Collierville Fire Department urges residents to take steps to be prepared, informed and safe.

Each year over 1,200 tornadoes strike the U.S.; on average, a tornado lasts 8-10 minutes and covers a couple of miles along the ground. Most everyone has heard of Tornado Alley, but are you familiar with its cousin Dixie Alley? Dixie Alley refers to the southern region from the Tennessee Valley into the lower Mississippi Valley. This includes Collierville and surrounding municipalities in the Mid-South.

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Help Prevent Crime--Lock Your Car Doors

Do You Know CPD BrochureAlthough Collierville is one of the safest cities in Tennessee, the Collierville Police Department wants to make sure that citizens are aware of the need to employ some common sense approaches to protecting their vehicles and valuables.

Approximately 8 out of every 10 vehicle burglaries that occur in Collierville could be prevented by simply locking the car doors.

For example, during the week of December 22, 2016 a series of auto burglaries occurred in the neighborhoods close to Six Crowns Street and White Road. The subsequent Police investigation revealed that in almost every incident the vehicle was left unlocked and in many cases valuables were in plain sight. Lock your car doors, don't leave valuables in the car in plain sight and use the car alarm if you have one!

View an online brochure about how to better connect with the Collierville Police Department and learn more safety tips.

Town Tulips are a Sure Sign of Spring

winchester tulips optSigns of life are starting to pop up earlier than usual, as buds have appeared on many trees and shrubs. The Town Tulips have also started blooming around Collierville in locations such as Town Hall, Community Center, Morton Museum and Winchester medians (pictured). The Town’s Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division planted a total of 7,500 Tulip bulbs.

Parks Maintenance Manager Neil Wiseman offers some tips to having successful Tulip blooms starting with replanting the bulbs every year.

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