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Collierville Firefighters Train Countless Hours for Medical Emergency Response

evoc training optDid you know that the Collierville Fire Department responds to an average of 70% medical calls and 30% fire-related emergencies? Persistent training and continued education is a way of life for firefighter personnel from learning advancements in life-saving equipment to renewing medical certifications. Out of the Collierville Fire Department’s 62 commissioned firefighters, there are 34 Paramedics and 28 Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

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Sanitation Division Packs in the Punch during Household Routes

durapak optThe Sanitation Division of Collierville Public Services recently replaced a 16-year-old sanitation collection truck - which was used on a daily basis and the oldest vehicle in the fleet. While the senior vehicle will take a much-needed break, it will not be discarded, but added to the list of back-up sanitation trucks. To stay on schedule, Public Services needs seven sanitation trucks running to meet the demands of 1,200 home visits per day, and now has four back-up vehicles to keep household garbage and recycling pick-up services efficient and reliable.

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Maintaining the Town Square Oaks is Second Nature for Collierville's Parks Maintenance

oaks optNeil Wiseman works for the Town of Collierville Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division and is in charge of maintaining the 7 giant oak trees which grow in Collierville's Historic Town Square.

Each of the 46 inch round oaks are maintained meticulously: the Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division has specialist arborists out on a regular basis to do health reports which includes examining the soil around them. The Town's grounds crews do daily surveys on the trees to monitor limb breakage from storms, and they do annual pruning to remove dead limbs and give them proper light and air flow.

"The trees are an asset," said Wiseman, "they give character to the Town Square. The Grounds and Parks Maintenance Division does all it can do to keep the trees healthy, not only for the look of the Square, but to keep the area safe for visitors to all the events that take place there."

Collierville Animal Shelter Completes Expansion

adoption picture optYou might say that Collierville Animal Services (CAS) Director Nina Wingfield is as happy as a flea at a dog show. Why? Because now she has more room at the Town’s animal shelter and can accommodate not only whatever dogs and cats drop by, but all the things she needs to make their hopefully brief stay as comfortable as possible.

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Morton Museum Wins Highest Honors - Five Times Over - at State Conference

tam 2017 awards optThis March, the Tennessee Association of Museums held its annual conference in Pigeon Forge, where the Morton Museum of Collierville History received five Awards of Excellence, the most prestigious award presented. The 2017 Awards of Excellence were given to the Morton Museum for Educational Programming (Kids Dairy Making Workshop), Temporary Exhibition (A Portrait of Collierville: 1940-1945), Special Event (Train Heritage Day), Special Recognition (Frisco 1351 Project) and Volunteerism (Bettina Ong-Halleron).

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