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Mayor Stan Joyner

Update from Mayor Joyner week of Jan. 23

Mayor Joyner's statement on SC Election Commission

Collierville's Legislative Efforts on Track

Mayor Outlines Election schedule for AUG. 2 referendum

Town Distributes Direct Mail FAQ's and Voting Information

Update on Municipal Schools and Funding

Mayor Joyner's Update on Schools AUG 1.

Update to Citizen's September 10

Mayor Joyner Statement 4/16/13 Bill Passes

FAQ's for Collierville Municipal Schools

Mayor Addresses School Negotiations October 2013


News Links

Governor Signs Municipal School BIll

Suburbs Expect Strong Support for Schools in Referendum

Legislators Pass Municipal School BIll

Municipal School Bill Headed Toward Passage

Tennessee House Ok's Municipal School BIll

Court Names Rick Masson as "special master"

School Special Master Concept Gets Cautious View

Courtfoom Part of Municipal School Trial Concludes

Senator Mark Norris, Municipal Schools Can Work

Municipal School Trial Delayed Over Map Dispute

Suburbs file briefs in prep for Sept. 4 trial

Federal Judge Sets Hearing date for school suit

Collierville Board Joins Federal Suit Over Schools

Judge to hear legal arguments on municipal schools in SC

More work follow approved plan for merging schools

Plans for merger of schools complete

Surburbs focus on educating voters

Best Schools in 2012

The Hidden Costs of Public High Schools

Disagreement over Shelby Municipal School Districts

Dates set for municipal school vote

Tennessee House Passes municipal school referendum bill

Tennessee House Declines School Referendum

TPC favors keeping attendance zones in tact

Shelby County Schools and Suburbs focus on the calendar

copy of ordinance to raise the sales tax and use tax to fund school district

copy of ordinance to create a municipal school district


Transition team aims for least path of disruption

Municipalities Watch as County May Raise Sales Tax

Focus is difficult with transition committee

Students in Unincorporated Areas in Limbo

Trust Becomes an Issue for Schools

Facts about school consolidation 01/26/12

Transfers at heart of parents concerns with schools

Overflow Crowd Attends Collierville School Feasibility Presentation

Handout Material From 1/19/12 Public Presentation

Southern Strategies School Feasibility Study

Executive Summary/Highlights of the Study

Frequently Asked Questions about Forming a Municipal School District

Merger of School Districts Revives Race and Class Challenges

Collierville Parents Consider Middle School Rezoning

School Merger Basics

Shelby County May Lose Seats in Tennessee Legislature

Expenses Mount for Unified School Board

County Commission Interviews School Board Applicants

Shelby County School Board to vote on transition team

Seperate districts leave gap for suburbs to fund with taxes

Pending merger spurs consideration of breakaway options

Group to appoint seven to unified school board

23 member school board now in control

view a copy of the school merger agreement 8-24-2011

Parties in school merger agree to proceed low key

Possible mediation needed in school merger

Suburbs weigh options on school districts

Schools under pressure to reach merger 

School Consolidation Case far from over

Judge Rules Schools Merge in 2013

Commercial Appeal Editorial: Downside of Division

Shelby County Commission considers panel to govern schools

 Suburban Mayors speak out on court ruling

Shelby County School Board Resolution 8-11-2011transition framework


Legislation and Court Rulings

Norris-Todd House BIll Summary 8-09-2011

Court Ruling on School Consolidation

Judge Mays Conclusions

Judge Mays ruling and the Creation of Municipal School Districts


Early Headlines From 2011

Delays in appointment of new school board

Lt.Gov. Ramsey calls for State takeover

Merger transition begins at County Schools

Debate Rages Over City and County Schools

House Likely to Approve Delay BIll
Tenn Senate approves bill that would delay school merger

Schools-Vote Would Pass Not by Much

Memphis CIty Council Delays Action on School Charter

Tennessee Senate Moving to delay school merger

Showdown over schools: Money talks loudest in Memphis merger debate

Voters Seek Answers to School Consolidation Issue

Study offers glimpse at impact of consolidation


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Memphis CIty School Board

Shelby County School Board


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