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Town News

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Subdivision Regulations and Updates

Current Copy (effective September 13, 2013)

The Subdivision Regulations are available for download below in Portable Document Format (PDF).
The Planning Commission adopted an amendment to the Subdivision Regulations at its regular meeting on Thursday, September 12, 2013 (PC Resolution 2013-01). 

The Town’s Subdivision regulations were most recently updated in September 2013 to revisit two areas: the subdivision processes and infrastructure planning/phasing. The update was titled PC Resolution 2013-01, and was a staff-initiated comprehensive amendment to the Subdivision Regulations to address these areas. The Planning Commission appointed a group of local development professionals, referred to as the “Subdivision Regulations Focus Group,” to draft the revisions. Changes were made to:

  • Article I (General Provisions), relative to the vesting of previously approved (and unexpired) Preliminary and Final Plats, referenced associated subdivision infrastructure construction plans and the Departmental Review Team (DRT);
  • Article II (Procedures for Plat Approval, Bonding, and Construction), by cross referencing subdivision infrastructure construction plans, referencing the Departmental Review Team (DRT), making the Sketch Plat step optional with the submittal of construction plans with the Preliminary Plat step, updating the period of approval for Preliminary Plats, revised types and amounts of security and requiring a Preliminary Design Certification for the Sketch Plat;
  • Article IV (Specifications), as a Registered Land Surveyor and Registered Professional Engineer must now prepare a Sketch plat, a recent survey is required for a Preliminary Plat, and the Town Planner and Engineer must sign final plat certificates before the plat is recorded; and
  • Article V (Definitions), which added a definition of Departmental Review Team (DRT), removed the references to the Chief Planner title, and added cross references to the subdivision infrastructure construction plans.



Archival Copy

A copy of the previous version of the Subdivision Regulations, in effect prior to January 1, 2010, can be downloaded below:


If you have questions or comments about the Subdivision Regulations or the amendment process, please contact Sean Isham with the Planning Division at (901) 457-2360 during regular business hours.