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Animal Services

A Division of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts/Community Services

The mission of Collierville Animal Services is to provide animal control and safety for citizens of the Town of Collierville and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the animals in our trust at the Collierville Animal Shelter. We do this by responsibly and humanely enforcing state, county and Town animal laws and ordinances. Animal Services is also responsible for responding to rabies control, bite calls, animal attacks, cruelty and neglect investigations, injured animal rescues, animal placement and adoption, and disaster rescue.

Nina Wingfield - Director

Animal Shelter

603 E. South Street
Collierville, TN 38017


Animal Care & Control Hours:

7 Days a Week
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adoption Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday  -  1:00pm-4:00pm

Paw Prints Pet Adoption Center at Carriage Crossing hours:

Saturday/Sunday  -  1:00-4:00pm (Every other weekend)

(At the bottom of this web page are 2 links that will take you to the adoption process page or will take you to Pet Finder where you can look at pictures of pets available for adoption or view pets that are still waiting to be reclaimed by their owners.)

petsmart rescue wagon
Coming soon to help our shelter!






 Dogs will be held at the Collierville Animal Shelter for a holding period of three (3) days and will be temperatment tested, health checked and assessed for adoptability. Animals not meeting the adoption criteria are subject to humane euthanasia.

Dogs & Cats will only be accepted from Citizens who live in the Town of Collierville, unless approved by Animal Services Director. Employees will verify proper identification before accepting a dog or cat into the Shelter. Designated forms are to be properly completed when the animal is accepted into the shelter.

There is an $85 adoption fee and a fee of $25 is charged to individuals surrending their dogs and cats to the shelter.

The Collierville Animal Shelter will not accept wildlife. Wildlife issues should be referred to T.W.R.A. at 800-372-3928 or private services.


Dog bites are defined as a bite from a dog that causes a break in the skin. Dogs that bite or are suspected of having bitten someone will be held for a 10-day observation period at the Collierville Animal Shelter or at a private veterinarian clinic (if requested by the owner) as required in TCA-68-8111 and the Town of Collierville Vicious Dog Ordinance. During this period, it will be determined whether or not the dog is infected with rabies and also if the dog is to be declared Dangerous/Vicious. TCA-6-8111

Reclaims for owned animals:

(All reclaim payments must be paid in cash)

*Owners must bring proof of rabies vaccination to reclaim pet*


  • $30 First Offense
  • $50 Second Offense
  • $75 Third Offense
  • $100 Third Offense (Intact Animal)

There will be an additional $10 daily charge for housing the animal at the shelter.

Charges for an animal that is being held at the veterinarian office for rabies observation will be the responsibility of the animal's owner.


Animals brought to the Animal Shelter shall remain at the Shelter until the owner reclaims the animal, or the animal is adopted. Full payment is due upon receipt of the animal. Owners of reclaimed animals must present proof of current rabies vaccination. If no proof can be offered then ACO will transport animal to an area vet for current rabies vaccination at owner expense.

For more information about pets that are available for adoption or if you are missing your pet visit PetFinder.com . Visit the Shelter Statistics and Policy area of this website to view detailed information about the process of adoption.

Emergency Services are available after regular hours for dog bites and vicious animals. Contact the Collierville Police Department at 901-853-3207.