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Do I need a permit for repairs?

No. Repair work, maintenance and similar work is exempt from permits, if such work does not require replacement of the appliance or fixture other than minor parts.

Do I need a permit for replacements?

Yes. All Fixtures or appliance replacements must be permitted and inspected for compliance with the Plumbing Code.

Do I need a permit for water supply, sewer and building drains, or water distribution additions and replacements?

Yes. All additions and replacements of plumbing supply or drain lines  must be permitted and inspected for compliance with the Plumbing Code.

Can I obtain my own permit as a home owner?

Only licensed Plumbing contractors that have a current Collierville Business License can obtain a Plumbing Permit.  EXCEPTION: A homeowner or business owner may obtain an Irrigation Permit for Irrigation work only ( a licensed contractor must permit and install the R.P. Backflow Preventer in conjuction with the irrigation system).

What do I need to obtain a permit and how do I get it?

A Plumbing contractor must be licensed in Shelby County or the state of Tennessee and have a current business license with the Town of Collierville. Contact the Building Department at (901) 457-2310 for more information.

Why does the Town of Collierville require inspections?

Inspections are required for all permitted work in order to verify compliance with all applicable codes.

Should my contractor be licensed?

Yes. The State of Tennessee requires that all Plumbing Contractors be licensed.

What happens if an inspection fails?

When a Plumbing Inspector verifies a code violation an inspection ticket will be filled out noting the violation and a copy of the ticket will be left on the job site. The contractor will be responsible for the correction of the violation and a reinspection fee. A second inspection must be scheduled through the Building Department at (901) 457-2310.

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