Commercial Building Permit

Information on Obtaining a Building Permit for a Commercial Project

You will need to obtain a building permit in order to make changes to the building that you will be occupying, or if there will be a change in the use of the building.  The following items will be needed to submit an application for a building permit:

  1. Fill out the Town of Collierville Building Permit Application.  Click here for the Building Permit Application.
    1. You must have a State of Tennessee licensed contractor for all commercial repairs / alterations.  Please make sure to list the contractor license number, address, and phone number.  If you are an out of state contractor, please visit the Town of Collierville Finance Department web page for further information.
    2. You will need to list the owner, architect, and contractor information: Name, Address, and Phone Number.
    3. Address (under contractor information) is the actual property address of the commercial business that the permit is being applied for.
    4. Proposed Use - list a description of the work to be done.
    5. List total square footage.
    6. List the total estimated job value - this value is to be of the total job (including electrical, plumbing, and mechanical).
    7. Sign the application
    8. List the email address of the architect and contractor.
  2. You will need to submit 3 complete sets of plans (24" x 32" or larger).  One set will stay with the Building & Codes Department, one set will be given to the Fire Department, and the third set will be stamped and given back to the contractor to keep on the job site.
  3. The Plans Reveiw Fee will need to be submitted at the time of the application.  The plans reveiw fee is .00275 x Cost of Project (Minimum plans review fee is $62.50).  The Building permit fees and the Fire fees will be figured by the plans examiner after the plans have been reviewed and approved.
  4. Once you receive your building permit, the trade contractors will be allowed to pull their permits.
  5. When all work is completed and all inspections have been approved (including building and trades, fire department, planning department, and engineering - if applicable) a CO will be issued to the business.

Can a business owner pull their own building permit?

The answer is NO, the owner cannot pull building permits.  The building permit needs to be pulled by a licensed General Contractor.

Do I need a licensed Architect?

All Assembly, Education, and Institution occupancy and/or ANY occupancy over 5,000 square feet require a licensed Architect.

Assembly - Anything over 50 occupants
Education - Some Daycare
Institution - Some Daycare

Trade Permits - Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing

All trades must be performed by a licensed contractor of that trade.  The licensed contractor must apply for permits through the Town of Collierville Codes Division.  All trade permits require inspections by a Codes Division Inspector.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Building & Codes Department at (901) 457-2310 or by email

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