A building permit is required when installing an Above Ground Pool and an In Ground Pool.

The following information and documentation will be required when submitting an application for a pool permit:

  1. Process for Issuance of Swimming Pool Permits (Form SP102) signed by the homeowner
  2. Building Permit Application
  3. Pool Barrier, Fence, Gate, Closure and Alarm Requirements
  4. Site plan or survey showing all easements with the following information:
    1. Placement of the pool on the property with all setback dimensions
    2. Distances the pool will be from each property line
    3. Distance the pool will be from the main structure
    4. Distance the pool will be from any other structure on the lot
    5. Any proposed retaining walls with dimensions and distances to pool and property lines (retaining walls will require a seperate building permit) 
  5. Total square footage of the pool
  6. Swimming Pool Agreement Form (Form SP101) signed by both the homeowner and contractor
  7. Swimming Pool Enclosure Requirements Agreement (Form SP103) signed by the homeowner
  8. Swimming Pool Drainage, Surface Drainage and Erosion Control Requirements (Form SP104) signed by both the homeowner and contractor
  9. An existing topographical survey of the property showing existing contours and run off paterns.  See example (Form 1106).  This can be done by the pool contractor.  (Not required for Above Ground Pools)

Additional information and documentation:

 Note to Pool Contractors: In addition to current inspections made on Swimming Pools, a Plumbing "Rough-In" inspection is required for Pool's with Bottom Drainage.  This inspection is to be made prior to gunite or concrete being poured or sprayed, or any other type of pool material is set.  This is to inspect the Duel or Multiple Drain seperation.  Also, if the pool is equipped with an automatic Water Filler system, a "Water Service" inspection shall be made showing the connection to the Potable Water supply.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the Building Department at (901) 457-2310

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