On August 23, 2010 the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved an Ordinance which replaces the Sign Regulations in the Town Code and modifies related sections of the Town Code by replacing §§151.170 through 151.183 Sign Regulations; amends §110.02 Garage, Yard Or Rummage Sales; amends §151.003 Definitions; amends §151.155 Planned Developments; amends §§151.133 Continuation of Nonconforming Residential Use or Structure; amends §151.200 Historic District Administration; amends §§151.240, 151.243, 151.246 of the Design Review Commission subchapter; and amends §151.309 Variances. Click here to access the full ordinance regarding signage. 

Signs with Preliminary Site Plan

There are two options for signage review with a preliminary site plan:

Option 1 - Conceptual Sign Plan

 A master signage plan is submitted that shows the dimensions and locations of all signs (ground and wall mounted). The DRC or the HDC will review the conceptual sign plan to ensure that signage is compatible with the associated building and site. Sign materials and sign location must be appropriate. Staff (and the HDC if in the Historic District) approves sign permits upon later submittal.

Option 2 - Application for Signage

Applications with required information for all proposed signage is submitted with the preliminary site plan review. The DRC will review the signage to ensure compatibility with the associated building and site. Sign materials and sign location must be appropriate. Staff (and the HDC if in the Historic District) approves sign permits upon later requests.

Planned Development Comprehensive Sign Policies

A comprehensive sign policy, to be enforced by the property owner or his/her designee, is required for all PDs outlining color, type, illumination, size, and location of all development signage. A proposed sign policy for planned development is included in the outline plan and approved by the BMA after a recommendation by the PC and the DRC. 

The Town's role in reviewing signage is only as it relates to the Town's adopted sign ordinance and design guidelines. 

Signage will be required to be consistent in color, size, material, location, and design throughout each PD.

Signage within any PD shall be consistent with the Town's adopted sign ordinance and guidelines and shall be reviewed administratively.

The DRC or PC may not waive any ordinance provisions related to signage through a comprehensive sign policy. Only the BMA, through an approved planned development, or the BZA through a variance may waive any zoning ordinance provisions.

Appropriate Illumination

All signage shall be externally lit with the following exceptions:

  1. Individual channel letters with white, translucent plastic (e.g., acrylic, lexan, sentra) faces, aluminum returns, and a white internal light;
  2. Individual channel letters with black, dual color film on plastic faces, aluminum returns, and a white internal light; and
  3. Individual reverse-channel aluminum letters with opaque aluminum faces and returns, and any color internal light.

Prohibited Illumination

  1. Exposed neon, or technologies such as LED that simulate neon
  2. Plastic-faced cabinet signs, whether internally or externally illuminated except for menu boards not visible from the public right-of-way

Calculations of Sign Area

When separate letters or graphics are attached to or painted on a wall, then the sign area shall be determined by the smallest geometric shape that encloses all borders, graphics and letters as a complete sign. The entire area of a sign face shall be measured by a single polygon, not multiple, detached polygons. The sign face area does not include architectural embellishment, the base, support, or other structural members. When 2 signs of the same shape and dimensions are mounted or displayed in a V-shape, then all faces shall be included in calculating the aggregate sign area.
 Aggregate Sign Area
1.5 square feet per linear foot of visible building frontage up to 150 square feet (100 linear feet of visible building frontage)
0.45 square foot per linear foot of visible building frontage in excess of 100 linear feet 
Maximum aggregate square footage is 300 square feet regardless of the number of visible building sides.

Temporary Signs: Non-Residential

  • Setbacks:
    • 30' for signs between 20 and 32 square feet
    • 20' for signs between 7 and 19 square feet
    • 10' for signs 6 square feet
  • If other than a real estate or political sign, limited to 60 days per calendar year and requires a permit
  • Maximum number: 1
  • 32 square feet per side, total of 64 square feet
  • Maximum height 6' unless attached to a building

Temporary Signs: Residential

  • Real estate signs must be removed within 7 days of closing
  • If other than a real estate or political sign, limited to 60 days per calendar year
  • Maximum number: 2
  • 6 square feet per side, total of 12 square feet
  • Maximum height: 5'
  • Setback outside of ROW or 10 from back of curb/edge of pavement

Nonconforming Signs

  • Nonconforming signs and/or sign structure may continue until the use of a property changes at which time the signs on the property must be brought into compliance with the Ordinance.
  • The replacement of portions of the removable plastic sign face on a project sign is allowed for signs lawfully constructed prior to August 23, 2010, provided that the new sign face utilizes the same size, shape, color, and material of the replaced portion.
  • With the exception of minor repairs and maintenance and alterations allowed by state law, no alterations to a nonconforming sign/sign structure are allowed. Unless otherwise allowed by law, any structural or other substantial improvement to a nonconforming sign will be deemed an abandonment of the nonconforming status and will result in the reclassification of the sign as a prohibited sign. 

**Click here to access the recently revised Permanent Sign Permit Application or here to access the Temporary Sign Permit Application that reflects the new ordinance changes.

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