The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for the oversight of public infrastructure installation throughout the Town. These improvements are the outcome of private development and the Town's Capital Investment Program. The division provides review, approval and inspection for public infrastructure (i.e., water, sewer, drainage and streets) installed as part of the private development as well as management of all Development Agreement Contracts. Recently, the Division has begun in-house design for certain projects. Staff coordinates the planning, design, bidding, project management and inspection of most public infrastructure for Capital Investment Projects within the Town of Collierville.  If answers to your questions can't be found online, please email or feel free call us at 901.457.2340.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact when I have a drainage problem?

The Town maintains any drainage line/structure that is in a public easement or within a road right of way. Easements are shown on a recorded plat.

Typical examples include:

  1. Sinkholes over a drain pipe
  2. Erosion around a pipe headwall or inlet
  3. Water backed up from an inlet

When these problems arise in subdivisions under construction, please contact the Engineering Department at 901.457.2340 or via email.  For completed subdivisions, contact Public Services 901.457.2800. The Town is not responsible for drainage problems caused by private property owners. Some examples are construction of landscaping, sodding, fences, pools, etc.

What is a plat and how do I obtain a copy?

When property is subdivided a 20"x24" drawing called a plat is produced and recorded. Plat information commonly includes property lines, survey data, covenants and restrictions, and easements. Many plats are on file in the Engineering Department and copies may be purchased for $5 dollars per sheet. Please call ahead to ensure the plat is on file (901.457.2340).

What other areas of interest is the Engineering Division responsible?

  • Flood Zones
  • Residential and Commercial Development Review
  • Stormwater Management
  • Traffic Circulation and Signalization



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