Collierville 2040: A Vision for Your Hometown

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What is Collierville 2040?

"Collierville 2040" is the name given to the Town's Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan is the Town’s adopted position on future land use, growth of the community, and community character. More specifically, a land use plan is a formal document that addresses community characteristics such as land use, community vision and guiding principles, economic development, environmental protection, transportation planning, desired levels of service, and includes steps to implement the adopted plan. The Town's previous version of the Land Use Plan was adopted in August 2001. With the exception of significant updates for two specific areas (Downtown Collierville Small Area Plan and I-269 Small Area Plan), there had been only a few minor updates to the plan since 2001 prior to the Collierville 2040 Plan. The Collierville 2040 Land Use Plan was adopted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on April 9, 2012 and the Planning Commission on March 1, 2012.


How can I get a copy of the plan?

The adopted plan is available in the table below for downloading. The plan has been divided into several smaller files. All of the files included in the table must be downloaded to obtain a complete version of the plan.  

Collierville 2040 Cover (Reduced)

Part of Plan Final Copy (and File Size)


Chapter 1 (6.54 MB)


Chapter 2 (5.57 MB)


Chapter 3, Part 1 (4.03 MB)

Chapter 3, Part 2 (6.23 MB)

Chapter 3, Part 3 (5.04 MB)

Chapter 3, Part 4 (5.26 MB)


Chapter 4 (4.96 MB)


Appendices (4.98 MB)




The Collierville 2040 Plan has been amended several times since its adoption in 2012, with most of the changes being to the Future Land Use and Place Types map. The narrative document does not yet reflect these changes. Staff is working on incorporating these edits into the document and a new version will be released in the summer of 2017. A list of formally-adopted edits can be reviewed by clicking the following links:

The interactive map located in the Map Gallery reflects the latest amendments to the Future Land Use and Place Types map through the end of 2016.


Any additional Land Use Plan documents?

In addition to Collierville 2040, the Town has also adopted two small area plans. Rather than cover the entire Town and Urban Growth Area, small area plans typically address neighborhoods, districts, or corridors. They are usually undertaken to address specific problems or opportunities. Small area plans are adopted as amendments to the Land Use Plan and, when in conflict, supersede the recommendations of the Land Use Plan. Small area plans provide more detailed policies and implementation steps than the Land Use Plan. The Town's currently adopted small area plans can be reviewed by clicking the following links: 



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