Comprehensive Preservation Plan for Historic District

The Comprehensive Preservation Plan for the Collierville Historic District was drafted by Looney Ricks Kiss in June of 2000. The Plan provided recommendations as the basis for amendments to existing public policy. It addressed related preservation issues, recommending public improvements, financial incentives for preservation, and potential funding sources that are critical to a successful preservation program.

The purpose of the Plan was to establish a more effective framework for historic preservation in Collierville. The recommendations in the Planare used to guide the Historic District Commission (HDC), Town staff, property owners, planners, elected officials, architects, and interested citizens, as well as prospective applicants for development proposals (restorations, renovations, additions and new development within thelocal historic district). Specifically, the Plan guided the 2002 revisions to the Historic District Design Guidelines, the Downtown Collierville Small Area Plan, and the Collierville Center Connect project (TDOT Enhancement Grant Application).

Seeing Collierville’s historic core as an economic generator that draws visitors from around the region who inject external dollars into the local economy, the Plan was undertaken as a proactive measure to preserve its historic resources in order to continue to capture these and other benefits. The Plan has helped to strike a reasonable balance between new development and preservation that has allowed for continued growth that is sensitive to the area’s historic significance and character.



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