Temporary Storage

Temporary Storage in Portable Containers

Temporary storage in portable shipping containers is permitted in Collierville under certain circumstances, but there are different regulations for residential uses and nonresidential uses.

Residential Uses:

The overnight placement of any moving and/or storage structure, whether temporary or permanent and regardless of size, type or nature, in the paved or unpaved portion of any driveway, or any location on a lot, or in or on any road right-of-way is prohibited and unlawful. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a temporary moving and/or storage structure may be placed on the paved driveway portion of a parcel in conjunction with a bona fide move to or from the parcel resulting from a change in occupancy provided that, in no event, may the moving and/or storage structure remain on the premises for a period exceeding seven (7) consecutive days. Only one placement of such a structure may occur on a parcel during each calendar year absent written proof being provided in advance to the Development Director or his/her designee that a bona fide additional move will occur during the same calendar year relative to the same premises.  The Development Director or his/her designee may extend the maximum duration to 30 days if the temporary structure is being used in conjunction with a bona fide home remodeling project associated with an active building permit or other evidence requested by the Development Director. Contact the Codes Division at 457-2310 with any questions.

Nonresidential Uses:

Prior approval from the Codes Division is required prior to the containers being placed on the lot and the portable shipping container(s) shall be located as follows:

  • not be within the front yard;
  • not be within ten (10) feet of any lot line or structure;
  • not be placed in a manner that impedes ingress, egress, or emergency access; and
  • not be on an individual lot for more than twelve (12) consecutive months. If the containers need to be on site for more than one (1) year, or are frequently traded out that effectively leaves an area of a site dedicated to the storage of portable shipping containers, a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is needed to approve longer durations, or a permanent location devoted to portable shipping containers, and the location shall be shown on the site plan for the use.


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