Regulations, Schedules & Forms

Basic Information and Applications


Date Revised


Planning Division Project Application Form/Route Slip 7-18-16
2018 Submittal Requirements/meeting dates Jan - December 12-6-17
Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Design Guidelines, Town Code of Ordinances,etc.  
Town Maps  
Project Acknowledgment 10-26-09
Disclosure of Ownership Form (for-profit or not-for-profit entities only)  2-15-16
Zoning Verification Letter Request 6-11-15
Homeowners' or Property Owners' Association (HOA or POA) Restrictive Covenants Checklist Coming Soon
Affidavit of Compliance: Shared Use Certification for Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WCF) 12-4-09
Traffic Impact Study Requirements 2-13

All Other Application Types

Date Revised

Outdoor Event (Private Property) Questionnaire 10-1-12
Cell Tower Co-Location  11-16-12
Carriage Crossing Request Supplemental Checklist (Tenant Elevations, Lighting, Signage) 12-11
Farmers Markets 12-2011
Charitable Solicitor Permits 11/28/11

Site Plans

Date Revised       

Site Plan (Preliminary and Final) 6-13-16
Site Plan Modification/Exterior Alterations Application 6-13-16
Landscaping Inspection Request Form 10-29-15
Lighting Inspection Request Form 12-14-10

Subdivision of Land

Date Revised

Subdivision Sketch Plan Checklist  9-26-14
Subdivision Fast Track Waiver 9-12-13
Subdivision Preliminary Plat Checklist 9-26-14
Subdivision Final Plat Checklist 11-30-12
Development Dashboard: Subdividing Property in Collierville Coming Soon

Miscellaneous Requests

Date Revised

Rezoning Request  11-30-12
Conditional Use Permit 9-29-15
Planned Developments and Planned Development Amendments 6-13-16
Request to Vacate Easements 11-30-12
Street Closure Application Checklist  4-10-13
Land Use Plan Amendment  11-30-12
Annexation Request  12-4-09

Design Review Commission (DRC)

Date Revised

2017 DRC Submittal Requirements and Meeting Date Schedule 11-14-16
2018 DRC Submittal Requirements & Meeting Date Schedule 12-6-17

Historic District Commission (HDC)

Date Revised

Signage (Certificate of Appropriateness) 12-4-09
Exterior Alterations (Certificate of Appropriateness)  6-13-16
2017 HDC Submittal Requirements and Meeting Date Schedule 11-14-16
2018 HDC Submittal Requirements & Meeting Date Schedule 12-6-17

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

Date Revised

Variance 11-16-12
Appeal of Administrative Decision 11-16-12
 2017 BZA meeting dates and submittal Requirements Schedule 11-141-6
2018 BZA meeting dates & submittal requirements schedule 12-6-17


Date Revised

Permanent Sign Permit Application  3-1-13
Temporary Sign Permit Application 3-6-13
Fence Permit (on-site link) 4-7-14
Building Permit (on-site link) 4-7-14
Grading Permit 11-30-12
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