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Town News

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Home-Based Businesses/Home Occupations

The Town of Collierville values the small business endeavors of its citizens; however, it also has a goal and obligation to protect the residential character of its neighborhoods. To accomplish this goal, §151.205(D) of Collierville's Zoning Ordinance allows "Home-based Businesses/Home Occupations," which are businesses, professions, occupations, and trades as defined by §151.003 of the Zoning Ordinance as being conducted "within a residential dwelling unit and is incidental and secondary to the residential use of the lot and that does not adversely or preceptively affect the character if the lot or surrounding area".

To preserve and protect residentail neighborhoods, home-Based businesses/Home occupations are categororized into two (2) distinct types and permitted only in certain Zoning Districts as identified in the Land Use Table included in §151.025(D) of the Zoning Ordinance. Each type has "performance standards" to specific limits on impacts as they pertain to the business aspect of the home.

  • Type 1 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations:

These types of home-based businesses are those that create no increase in traffic to the neighborhood, are not visibly detectable, and do not use accessory structures to conduct the business (like a detached garage or workshop). Type 1 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations are permitted "by right" in all dwellings in Town; however, a business license may be required. Collierville residents interested in a Type 1 Home-based business/Home Occupation should contact the Finance Department (457-2282) to determine if a business license is required. The Finance Department will ask that applicants to complete a questionnaire about the operation of the home-based business and sign a statement that they understand and agree with the zoning regulations applicable to home-based businesses. Certain home-based businesses may not require a business license, but residents are still encouraged to complete the questionnaire and submit it to the Planning Division to insure that they do not violate any of the Town's regulations designed to preserve and protect residential neighborhoods.

  • Type 2 Home-based Businesses/Home Occupations:

The Type 2 Home-based Businesses/Home Occupations, a new category created by the Town in March 2011, is similar to a Type 1 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations, but allows for home-based businesses on larger lots (3 acres or more in any residential zoning district) to have limited traffic increases due to customers or deliveries. Only the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) can approve Type 2 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations at a residential address through a process called a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Type 2 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations can also use accessory structures in the operation.

Collierville residents interested in a Type 2 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations should complete a questionnaire about the operation of the business and sign the statement included on the questionnaire that they understand and agree with the zoning regulations applicable to Type 2 Home-based businesses/Home Occupations. Completed forms should be submitted to the Planning Division for review the questionnaire for a Type 2 Home Occupation and help the home-based businesses owner complete the CUP application. Nonrefundable fees apply if it is determined a CUP is needed. Allow sixty (60) days or more for the processing of a Type 2 Home Occupations, as two public meetings (Planning Commission, Board of Mayor and Aldermen) are applicable.

It should be noted that issuance of a business license by the Town of Collierville, does not mean that a business is permitted in a home by zoning. Also, the Town's limitations on home occupations apply only to activites at the home and are not intended to regulate business activities that occur off-site. Agricultural uses are not considered home occupations and instead are regulated as principal uses per §151.021, which is the Use Table.