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Tent Permits

Except for tents used exclusively for camping purposes, the following applies to tents and membrane structures having an area in excess of 200 square feet, and canopies in excess of 400 square feet, per § 151.026 of the Zoning Ordinance:

  • Obtain a permit from the Fire Marshal;
  • Maintain a minimum clearance of 20 feet from all other structures and tents;
  • A tent (or tents) shall not be erected on a lot in excess 30 days within a calendar year, whether separate occurrences or a single occurrence;
  • Not disrupt pedestrian circulation;
  • Not obstruct emergency vehicle access to adjacent lots or structures;
  • The lot or site shall be restored to its original condition within two days of removal of the tent; and
  • Except where part of an approved Special Event pursuant to §151.026(D)(8) , a Farmers Market per §151.025, or a site approved for vehicular leasing or sales, sale of merchandise, leasing, storage, and hiring, uses are expressly prohibited within tents.