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Town Moving Forward with Improvements at the site of the Collierville Schools Administration Office

admin construction optThe buildings at Poplar and Walnut that are known as the Historic High School and now serve as the administrative offices for Collierville Schools are getting a face lift. A portion of buildings constructed in the 1970’s is being torn down and the original Historic High School which houses the Collierville Schools administration is undergoing building system upgrades. The building that is being torn down had become too costly to renovate and maintain and is not part of the buildings that has historical significance.

“This land has been the site of education in Collierville since the late 1800’s,” said Derek Honeycutt, Director of General Services. “There are a lot of memories associated with the historic building, therefore we are not only preserving the building but improving it too.”

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Property Tax Freeze Program for Eligible Senior Citizen Homeowners

tax freeze optIn November 2006, Tennessee voters approved an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution allowing counties and municipalities a local option to adopt a property tax freeze program for qualifying property owners 65 years of age and older.

At this time, the following taxing jurisdictions have adopted the property tax freeze program: Shelby County, Memphis, Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville and Millington.

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Correcting of Escrow Accounts Drawing to a Close

The software issue affecting some Collierville citizens’ escrow accounts is drawing to a close as the majority of property owners have seen their escrow accounts restored to the correct amounts. The Town is working with the tax servicing vendor and residents to continue restoring the few remaining accounts affecting Collierville homeowners.

Regardless of citizens’ current standing with their mortgage companies and escrow accounts, no Collierville resident affected by this issue will be delinquent on paying their property taxes.

Mortgage companies have restored the escrow accounts at various paces due to handling each account on a case-by-case basis. Collierville citizens are encouraged to review their escrow accounts and discuss the situation with their mortgage company. To facilitate the correction process, the Town has prepared a letter to the mortgage companies and will provide a copy of the 2016 tax bill upon request.

To receive a property tax bill and/or a mortgage company letter, contact Mary Ann Ayers, 901-457-2283 or

Collierville’s Sanitation Cart Inventory is in the Can

josh russell computer optGeographic Information Systems, or better known as GIS, have greatly impacted the way information is captured, stored and displayed relating to geographic location. Behind a GIS map shown on a computer screen, are layers of data that can be sorted to provide countless information, much like an Excel spreadsheet. The Town’s GIS Division worked with Collierville Public Services to create a GIS inventory system for sanitation carts when the new recycling program began in 2014.

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Crime Prevention Meeting

crime prevention meeting optMayor Joyner held a crime prevention meeting last night at Town Hall for Neighborhood Watch Captains and Homeowner Association Officers. The meeting was well attended and the information provided by the Collierville Police Department was well received by the attendees. Copies of what was presented can be accessed here: Crime Prevention Tips Flyer and Neighborhood Crime Prevention Meeting Presentation. The Mayor hosted the meeting because although Collierville is a very safe community he is concerned that a significant percentage of crime in Collierville can be prevented if residents would follow some basic crime prevention tips.

"We live in a very safe community and our Police do a great job. It is sometimes easy for residents to "let their guard down" and forget to take the most basic of precautions like locking doors, turning on outdoor lighting and most of all neighbors communicating with each other and working together with the Police to maintain a safe community." said Mayor Joyner.

The Collierville Police are available to make this presentation to Neighborhood Watch groups, Homeowner Associations and community groups. To arrange a presentation contact the Collierville Police at 457-2560. (Pictured Assistant Chief Jeff Abeln presents Collierville Crime Statistics.)

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