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Collierville Fire Department: Lieutenant Rickey Walker Promoted to Battalion Chief

ricky walker optLieutenant Rickey Walker of the Collierville Fire Department will be promoted to Battalion Chief effective October 29, 2017. Walker (pictured) is a Collierville native and graduated from Collierville High School. After graduating from the University of Memphis and the Tennessee Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy, he pursued his education in the field even further by graduating from the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Walker is a licensed Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) and is certified as a Hazardous Material State Instructor.

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Town of Collierville Boards and Commissions Descriptions





PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: 1) to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the Building Official and/or the Fire Code Official regarding the application and interpretation of the various provisions of the building, construction, and fire codes adopted by the Town of Collierville; 2) to review and make recommendations to the Board of Mayor and Alderman regarding the adoption and amendments to building, construction, and fire codes; and 3) to provide recommendations to the Building Official regarding the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction.

MEMBERS: Terms are for 1 calendar year with terms expiring December 31 of each year. Election of officers is held annually. (Ordinance 2001-05); (Ordinance 2003-12); (Ordinance 2014-07). The Board shall consist of 7 members and shall be appointed by the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

SCHEDULE: Meetings are "at call".

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: Develop, promote, assist & coordinate the arts in the Town of Collierville & surrounding areas; to perform other charitable services for the benefit of the Town & surrounding areas; and, to do any & all things allowable under the Tennessee Non-profit Corporation Act.
MEMBERS: This Board was formed August 26, 1985, with up to 15 members serving 3 year terms expiring December 31st of each year. Three positions (Parks Advisory Board, Citizen-At-Large & BMA Liaison) serve 1 year terms. Members cannot be Town employees. There are no residency requirements. Members of the Arts Council recommend their own members to the BMA for approval.
SCHEDULE: Regular meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at 440 Powell Rd.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: Has the power and is directed to regulate the sale, storage for sale, distributing for sale & manufacture of beer within the municipality in accordance with the Beer Ordinance. The Board has broad powers of investigation & authority to inspect the premises of any applicant or permit holder.
MEMBERS: This Board was formed in March, 1983, through passage of Ordinance 83-003. Terms are served for one calendar year with terms expiring December 31 of each year (Ordinance 99-28). Officers are elected annually. Must be over 21 and a resident of the Town. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor, has appointment authority for the Beer Board. Beer Board appoints Chairman.
SCHEDULE: Regular meetings are the third Tuesday of each month. This is a 7 member Board. Meetings are usually "at call".

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: To ensure that proposed structures conform to proper design standards & the general character of the area, reviews all exterior building plans for all land use categories other than single family detached residential, reviews final plans for planned unit developments, fences, signs, landscaping.
MEMBERS: This is a 7 member Board. Terms are served for 1 calendar year with terms expiring December 31 of each year (Ordinance 2001-05). Four members SHALL be either: architect, urban planning, engineering, land architect or retail business. The Planning Director shall serve as ex-officio member & secretary to the Board. The Mayor designates Chairman. No residency requirements. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor, has appointment authority of the DRC.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at 500 Poplar View Parkway.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: To advise the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and administration on environmental issues and to provide the residents of Collierville with opportunities to improve the quality of their environment, support the benefits and necessity of our natural resources, and provide environmental education to the public.
MEMBERS: This is an 8 member commission, with 1 student representative (who shall be a Junior or Senior in High School and should be nominated by High School Principals. The term of appointments shall be for 1 year, ending December 31st of each calendar year (Resolution 00-41). Members shall not hold another elected or appointed position in Town government. No residency requirements. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor has appointment authority for this Commission.
SCHEDULE: Regular meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: The Commission shall serve as the Town's authority on matters regarding Town history; will conduct research regarding the history of the Town and its people; and will strive to document the history of the Town & promote the relevance & importance of the Town's history.
MEMBERS: This is a 9 member Commission, with 1 student representative and BMA Liaison. Members will serve 5-year terms, but for the initial appointments three members' terms shall expire in 3 years; three members' terms shall expire in 4 years; and three members' terms shall expire in 5 years. The Mayor shall nominate individuals & the Aldermen shall confirm each member by majority vote. Members shall be residents of the Town & shall have knowledge of & a demonstrated interest in Town history. The Chairman, Vice-Chair & Secretary & other officers are elected by the Commission annually.
SCHEDULE: Morton Museum of Collierville History (196 N. Main St.) on the second Wednesday of every month.

The Historic District Commission is a group of volunteers appointed by the Mayor and Board of Alderman to serve on the Commission and interact with Town of Collierville employees and other advisory board members. Serving up to a five year term, the seven members strive to preserve historic and/or architectural value of the district as well as enhance the Town's historic attractions to tourists.

Meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 5pm in Town Hall Board Chambers, the commission also considers the appropriateness of any new alteration, additions, demolition or exterior changes visible to public right-of-way and compatibility and how the design fits with the Historic District, including signs. The Commission has the authority to approve or deny certificates of appropriateness on a case-by-case basis. Town of Collierville staff contact is Jaime Groce, Town Planner.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: to acquire, own, lease & dispose of properties to the end of promoting industry & develop trade by inducing manufacturing, industrial, governmental, educational & commercial enterprises to locate or remain in this Town and to further the use of its agricultural products & natural resources.
MEMBERS: A 9 member Board serving staggered 2, 4 & 6 year terms (Resolution 2003-03). Must be a Collierville resident. Cannot be an officer or employee of the Town. The Mayor has appointment authority with confirmation by the Aldermen. The IDB chooses its Chairman.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are usually "at call".

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: To direct all the affairs of the Library, including, without limitation: appointing a librarian who shall direct the internal affairs of the Library and the appointment of such assistants or employees as may be necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Library; accepting donations, devises, and bequests to be be used by it directly for library purposes; recommending to the Board of Mayor & Aldermen rules and regulations applicable to the operation of the Library; and shall generally have all necessary power & authority to manage such Library.
MEMBERS: This board shall consist of up to 11 members, with 3 of the intially appointed members serving for 1 year, 2 for 2 years and 2 for 3 years; upon the completion of such initial terms, their successors shall serve for terms of 3 years. Election of officers are held annually. Must be a Collierville resident. Library Board appoints Chairman. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor, has appointment authority for the Library Board.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are held at 500 Poplar View Parkway.

First established in 1984, The Parks Advisory Board is a support and information commission formed to provide citizen representation from the Town, to partner with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department. Volunteer board members, as with other Boards and Commissions, apply to the Mayor and Board of Alderman, annually, expressing an interest to serve. Appointments are one year at a time, and the group selects their own Chairman. Members must be Collierville residents and cannot be Town employees.

Working with Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts personnel, the board is charged with promoting, understanding, appreciation, participation and support for open spaces, parks, recreational opportunities, cultural activities, programs and facilities. An active advisory Board, recently they have made recommendations and considerations regarding Hinton Park, Brooks Park and currently are looking at an updated Master Plan for the Town.

Nine people serve on the PAB that meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Park & Recreation Conference Room - 440 W. Powell Road. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor, has appointment authority for the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Staff contact is Greg Clark in the Parks & Recreation Department. PAB is just one of 14 volunteer boards and commissions working with Town employees, Mayor and Board of Aldermen to address citizen input on projects and events.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF COMMITTEE: responsible for the general administration of the Town of Collierville Defined Benefit Pension Plan; acts as Plan Administrator of the Pension Plan.
MEMBERS: The Pension Committee is a 5 member committee; members should be experienced either in the financial services industry or managing defined benefit pension plans. Two members will be the Finance Director and the Town Administrator or his designee. The remaining three positions will be for staggered 1, 2, & 3 year terms. One of the members shall be a member of the BMA and the other two members shall be citizen volunteers. At the end of these initial terms, all appointments will be for a period of 3 years.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are quarterly in the Town Hall, 500 Poplar View Parkway, on the 2nd Thursday of February, May, August, and November.

The Planning Commission of the Town of Collierville, like the other 14 boards and commissions, is comprised of volunteer residents. Board chambers at Town Hall is the site of the meetings, held the first Thursday of each month at 6pm. All meetings are open to the public. Length of the meetings may vary, contingent on the number of items submitted for consideration.

Jaime Groce, Town Planner with Collierville Planning Division is staff liaison and coordinates meetings. Agenda content may include site developments for upcoming projects like subdivisions, planned developments, or proposed site plans. Other duties of the Planning Commission include recommendations to the BMA on re-zonings or changes to the Zoning Ordinance. They also are responsible for adopting Subdivision Regulations and the Town’s future land use plan known as the Collierville 2040 Plan. As with all boards and commissions, an Alderman liaison works with the members. The nine Planning Commission members are appointed to the commission by the Mayor of Collierville and serve annually. As with all commissions, items for consideration are provided to each member several days prior to meetings, allowing for thorough review. Agenda content is posted on, prior to monthly meetings with Minutes posted following each meeting. Following Planning Commission approvals, submissions usually proceed to the Design Review Commission and then to the Board of Mayor and Alderman for final processing.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: To enhance & maintain the natural & man-made beauty of this community & to advise the Board of Mayor & Aldermen on matters affecting the aesthetic & natural beauty within the community.
MEMBERS: The current by-laws of the Town Beautiful Commission provides for up to 15 active members. The term of appointments shall be for 1 year, ending December 31 of each calendar year (Ordinance 99-29). Members must be residents of the Town OR business leaders in Collierville. Town Beautiful elects its own Chairman. The Board of Aldermen, jointly with the Mayor, has appointment authority for the Town Beautiful Commission.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at 440 Powell Rd.
PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: The Commission shall serve in an advisory role on matters regarding the enhancement of the effectiveness of the Town of Collierville's Tourism strategies & initiatives.
MEMBERS: Membership shall consist of 7 members who are residents of the Town and/or represent the hotel and lodging industry, retail businesses, restaurants and attraction/event professionals in the Town. One of the commission members shall be a representative from the BMA. In addition to those members, the Mayor may appoint up to 5 Ex-officio members. Members of the Commission may serve concurrently on any other Town Board or Commission. Term of membership shall be for one year. Commission members shall be appointed jointly by the BMA.
SCHEDULE: Community Center (440 W. Powell Road) at 4pm quarterly on the 4th Tuesday.

PURPOSE/DUTIES/AUTHORITY OF BOARD: To hear appeals on decisions made by the building inspector in enforcing the ordinance & codes & to hear requests for variances & conditional use permits.
MEMBERS: This is a 5 member Board that serves for 1 calendar year with terms expiring December 31 of each year (Ordinance 2001-05). No residency requirements. BZA elects its own Chairman. The Mayor has appointment authority, with confirmation required by the Aldermen, for the BZA.
SCHEDULE: Meetings are held at the call of the Chairman with 5 days notice.

Collierville’s Employee Recruiter Reaches Far and Wide to get right talent for the Town

recruit collierville optHave you ever considered working for the Town of Collierville?

Collierville is located just minutes from Memphis’s best attractions, but the Town has its own attractions as well. The Historic Town Square has great restaurants, shopping and family-friendly events. Collierville is also known for its excellent school system, numerous parks and safe atmosphere.

Brynna Martin is a recruiter in the Human Resources office at Collierville’s Town Hall. It’s her job to find the very best talent in all the fields that are required to run a town, and her job is made easier by what she has to offer.

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Collierville’s Public Services Department Steps it Up as Harvey’s Tailwinds Pass through Town

storm prep ditch clearing optThe residual rain and wind from Hurricane Harvey blew through Collierville on Thursday, August 31. Between noon and midnight, about 5.65 inches of rain fell on the Town.

That figure is the average of the recorded inches at five of Collierville’s rain gauge sites, the heaviest being 6.3 inches. The Town has 26 sewer pumping stations, and all but four had high alarm levels with all pumps running.

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Town Receives $2 Million Grant for Neighborhood Drainage Work

drainage grant optThe Town of Collierville will soon be able to start work on some street drainage improvement projects due to receiving a $2, 215, 743.00 grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

The grant is part of leftover monies from the 2011 Disaster Relief Fund that was given to Shelby County after severe flooding. This is the third and final round of money from the fund.

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