Board of Mayor and Aldermen

stan-joynerStan Joyner, Jr.

maureen-fraserMaureen Fraser

Billy Head Shot optBilly Patton

John Worley
Tom Allen
 John E opt John E. Stamps

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meet at Town Hall on the Second and Fourth Monday of every month at 6:00 pm


Administration of the Town

The Mayor is the executive head of the town, responsible for enforcement of ordinances of the town and the laws of the state within the town. He or she presides at all meetings of the Board.

The board appoints the following: the Town Administrator, who manages day-to-day operations of the town; the Town Clerk, who serves as keeper of the records; the Finance Director, who oversees the town budget, accounting and purchasing and the court clerk's office; and heads of town departments, such as development, fire, parks and recreation, police, public works and public utilities.


Stan Joyner, Jr.

Mayor of Collierville

Mr. Joyner is serving his third term as Mayor.

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Maureen Fraser

Alderman, Position 1

Mrs. Fraser is serving her fourth term as alderman.

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CS3 2292Candidate Choice 3 opt

Billy Patton

Alderman, Position 2

Mr. Patton is serving his second term as alderman.

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John Worley

Alderman, Position 3

Mr. Worley is serving his second term as alderman.

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Tom Allen

Alderman, Position 4

Mr. Allen is serving his third term as alderman.

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John E

John E. Stamps

Alderman, Position 5

Mr. Stamps is serving his first full term as alderman.

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