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Animal Services

A Division of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department/Community Services

Shelter Director: Nina Wingfield

The Collierville Animal Shelter is an animal care and control agency that assumes a unique role in the community by promoting, motivating, and enforcing responsible pet ownership.

What We Do

  • * Shelter 1500 stray, abandoned, misplaced and unwanted animals each year.
  • * Enforce animal control laws in Collierville.
  • * Investigate animal cruelty and abuse.
  • * Comprehensive Pet Adoption Service.
  • * 24-hour emergency animal rescue.
  • * Have approximately an 85% Adoption/Return Rate.

Why Adopt A Shelter Animal

When you adopt a pet from the Collierville Animal Shelter, you have personally given that animal a second chance at life.

Our adoption fee of $50.00 includes:

  • * Vaccinations
  • * Heartworm testing (adult dogs).
  • * De-worming of puppies and kittens.
  • * Feline Leukemia/f.i.v. testing (cats)
  • * I.D. with Microchipping

Adoption Policy

It is not the Animal Shelter's intent to make pet ownership seem inexpensive or unrealistically easy. Our goal is to attract responsible pet owners and to help them provide permanent, loving homes. To that extent, we ask you to give serious thought to the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Adoption of animals as surprise gifts is strongly discouraged. We suggest that individuals select their own pet. Gift certificates are available for that purpose.

For more information, visit the Animal Services Department area of this website.

The Animal's Health

Every effort is made to ensure the pet you adopt is healthy. In addition to routine observation and quarantine, each animal is examined by a local veterinarian, given preventative inoculations, and tested for heartworms, if an adult dog. Puppies and kittens are dewormed.

Unfortunately, we receive many hundreds of animals, usually with little or no information from the previous owner. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to absolutely guarantee the health of every animal - but every effort is made to ensure your animal is free of disease.

The Pet's New Environment

Sometimes the placement of a pet into a new home may cause some initial problems for the animal such as stress, hyperactivity, whining or diarrhea due to diet changes. Your pet will usually require a few weeks to get accustomed to his/her new home.

Housebreaking is relatively easy for kittens and adult cats by providing a clean, accessible litter box. For dogs, it is another matter. DO NOT EXPECT SUCCESS FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. You must be patient, calm, and consistent when housebreaking a dog.

Dog Obedience Training

You may want to give serious consideration to enrolling your pet in a dog obedience class. Failure to teach your dog-basic commands such as sit, stay, heel, and come, can have drastic consequences and can lead to unruly behavior and aggression. Call us for more information at 457-2670.

For more information, visit the Animal Services Department area of this website.

Suggs Park Off Leash Area

Suggs Park, located at 163 E. South Street, has an off leash area for small and large dogs. With many ammenities like a water fountain, dog waste bag, plenty of shade, and lots of room to run, this park can be a great place for you and your dog! The off leash area hours are from dawn to dusk, and dogs must have a current rabies vaccination. Click here to read a complete list of rules.

Animal Control

559 E. South Street

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Shelter Hours: Sunday - Saturday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adoption Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available after hours for dog bites and vicious dogs. Call the police department at 901-853-3207.

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