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I-269 Small Area Plan

 I-269 Small Aera Plan Excerpts

The I-269 Small Area Plan has its roots in concerns that grew among the Collierville community during the summer of 2008 about the impacts that I-269 would have on the Town, and the quality of the land uses that would be seen along Highway 72 as pressure for development in these areas ensued. Rather than see this corridor be incrementally developed in a piecemeal fashion, the Town formed a steering committee in October 2008, supported by staff, to study the corridor and to develop policies that would insure quality, consistency, and predictability.

After over fourteen public meetings, hearings, and forums, in April of 2009 this policy draft was completed. The end result of the effort is a small area land use plan and its density projections are very close to the anticipated growth expected by the 2007 sewer study for the area, but the hope is that the development patterns, configurations, and character will be more congruent with the original hometown identity of Collierville - walkable, sustainable, and environmentally sensitive than may have otherwise occurred without such a small area plan. To remain true to the hometown identity of Collierville, careful attention was given to the preservation of the rural characteristics of the Quinn Road corridor, including future Major Road Plan updates that are needed in this area due to the impacts of I-269.

I-269 Small Area Plan adopted April 2, 2009

The I-269 Small Area Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on April 2, 2009. The I-269 Small Area Plan is considered to be a subcomponent of the Land Use Plan originally adopted August 13, 2001 (as amended), and these documents are collectively known as the Collierville Land Use Plan. If there are any conflicting polices between the Collierville 2040 Land Use Plan (as may be revised), the policies contained within the I-269 Small Area Plan shall govern.

The Small Area Plan serves as a vision for the physical future of the I-269 Study Area. It is also a guide for private, public, and quasi-governmental sectors for decision making in regard to proposed new development, redevelopment of real estate, capital improvement plan (CIP) expenditures, rezonings, and planned unit developments (PUDs). Contact Sean Isham with the Planning Division (901-457-2360) with any questions you may have about the plan. 


I-269 Small Area Plan amended October 13, 2014

The I-269 Small Area Plan was amended on October 13, 2014 (via Resolution 2014-52) by the Board of Mayor of Aldermen to remove any policy language that would support stand-alone multifamily (apartment) developments, uses, or building types within the study area. Otherwise, the plan remains unchanged from its original adoption in 2009.


Files Available

A copy of the adopted I-269 Small Area Plan can be downloaded by selecting the link below (warning: large file!):

I-269 Small Area Plan Cover Icon 


  I-269 Small Area Plan (amended 10-13-14) (PDF) (9.2 MB)



Background about the I-269 Area

The I-269 Area includes 1,529 acres and is located in the south-eastern portion of the Town of Collierville and its Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The area will be served by three regional corridors: SR-385 (Bill Morris Parkway), Highway 72, and I-269 (planned). It is bound on the north by SR-385, on the east by the Fayette County Line, on the south by the Mississippi State Line, and ends west of Quinn Road (see map below).

The area is largely undeveloped with the exception of an established rural residential area along the Quinn Road corridor and emerging industrial uses along Progress Road. There is substantial land available for development in the area. This includes land in the vicinity of the SR-385/Highway 72 Interchange and the planned I-269/Highway 72 Interchange. The planned I-269 interchange offers a major regional economic development opportunity for the Town.

The construction of I-269 combined with Highway 72 and SR-385 positions this area as one of the principal regional gateways into the community. This location is expected to generate a significant amount of traffic that will make the area near the interchanges an important commercial location. A standard for higher-quality development is appropriate for this significant gateway location.

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